Fostering Term Initiatives in Ports

Cross border cooperation supporting the development of small & medium sized ports


FLIP Cross Border workshop - Economic Diversification of Local and Regional ports - Saint Brieuc

Turning to the local context, Jean-Paul Le Denmat, from the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie des Côtes d'Armor spoke of the evolution and regeneration of port infrastructures and buildings in Saint Brieuc Le Legué.  Stephane  Loisnel and Jerome Gourdais from Saint Brieuc Agglomeration talked about the evolution and usage of port infrastructures and buildings non-maritime uses including the Maison de Pays and Kermese – a small business cluster centre.  Session 2 : discussed the Diversification of economic in small and medium sized ports.   Through two topical cases studies offshore renewables and the cruise liner industry speakers contributed valuable experiences around the development and potential of these emerging sectors to enable channel ports to diversify and adapt their infrastructures.  Jean Philippe Le Fur, from the Conseil Général des Côtes d'Armor spoke about the adaptation of port capacities in  Côtes d'Armor to host  offshore wind farms in the  Bay of Saint Brieuc . This was followed by a useful presentation prepared by the Lead partner, Marc Nannarone, outlining a comparative  overview of the emerging developments in the Eastern Channel and North Sea with the arrival of the offshore wind renewable energies and port operation and maintenance opportunities in France and the UK.  Representing the port of Newhaven, Francois Jean made a valuable contribution from their existing experiences and suggested some of the main issues that Saint Brieuc might face in the construction and subsequent O&M phase of the new Baie de Saint Brieuc wind farms planned for 2018.  In the second case study, Captain Kevin Mowat, representing the FLIP partner Tor Bay Harbours (Torquay, Paignton and Brixham) – gave feedback from the recently completed FLIP study that had assessed the future development potential for the Channel cruise business. Cedric Rivoire-Perrochat, Chief Executive of the Cruise Line International’s French section gave a fascinating perspective from cruise industry on the emerging trends, opportunities and needs of the sector on the Channel region. In the following debate moderated by Simon Pascoe, the FLIP and PAC2 cluster cross border expert, Kevin and Cedric debated what the cruise industry expects from channel ports and the capacity that destinations such as Torquay and Saint Brieuc might envisage to enhance the offer to the cruise companies in the future.  The workshop was concluded by a port tour of Saint Brieuc Le Legue and visit to Saint quay Portrieux.  The presentations can be found below.


FLIP / APLM European funding workshop - "European Funding and Port development?" - Dieppe

APLM hosted a successful workshop for port representatives from the Channel region where the subject was preparation for the new generation of EU funding programmes 2014-2020 that are now comiming on stream. On Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th of January 2015. over 25 ports from France and the UK were represented at the workshop.  During 8 sessions the workshop looked in detail at the emerging arrangements for new programmes and provided a concrete case study of a ports that had successfully led or participated in a project funded on one of the 2007-13 programmes.  The FLIP project has provided essential funding to allow the event to be interpretated simultaneuosly and allow boith Channel French and UK small medium sized ports to discuss with each other the emerging funding opportunities. Presentations from the event are attached below.

Port planning and development for a sustainable future - Brighton

60 participants attended a cross border workshop hosted by the Port of Newhaven  - "Port planning and development for a sustainable future"  The cross border workshop, took place in Brighton on Wednesday 10th December 2014.  The event was opened by Norman Baker MP, the Member of Parliament for Lewes.  A number of English and French speakers provided a detailed insight in the field of port masterplanning and presentations were given about a number of the FLIP projects key studies including the smart energy audits of the UK partner ports.

FLIP partner exchange visit - Saint Brieuc and the Port of Newhaven

Christophe Marques from Conseil General du Cotes D'armor had a useful exchange visit to Newhaven Port on Tuesday 9th December 2014.  The visit wias hosted by Newhaven Harbour Master, Dave Collins-Williams, where the FLIP colleagues had the opportunity to discuss a number of the common issues facing the ports of Newhaven and Saint Brieuc Le Legue.  Newhaven has benefited from a masterplan that has that has helped plan and develop the harbour in preparation for the arrival of the operations and maintenance base of the Rampion wind farm operator in the months ahead.

APLM / FLIP communications training for Channel port managers - Ouistreham

Hosted in Ouistreham from 14th to 16th October 2014FLIP port partners participated in a workshop into the preparation of communications actions that might arise in their day to day activities or during the planning & consultation periods prior to investment projects between implemented.  In particular these project require effective stakeholder consultation with good prep

Maritime English training for FLIP ports - Brixham

Tor Bay Harbour Authority and Western Training hosted an innovative programme for port managers on maritime english from 23rd to 25th September 2014.  the The course sought to use a variety of real life experiences  to show how a harbour deals with different stakeholders in the different areas of maritime activity in the UK and all the time underlined the maritime English required for the different scenarios.

Towards Integrated Territorial Investment Strategies for Ports and their local communities' - Brixham

On 9th April 2014, Torbay hosted the crossborder workshop “Towards integrated territorial investment strategies for ports and their local communities” in conjunction with the South Regional Ports Association Annual General Meeting. The conference was attended by over 65 participants from across the South West of England and provided FLIP partners with an opportunity to discuss the importance of small and medium sized ports being at the heart of the local communities regeneration strategy.

FLIP partner exchange visit - Torbay and Saint Brieuc

A successful bilateral visit with FLIP partners from Tor Bay harbour to Saint Brieuc and the Cotes D'Armor county of Brittany took place between 11th an 13th March 2014. The visit was extremely useful from a number of perspectives.  It was encouraging to see that many of the challenges faced by small and medium sized harbours are common to both sides of the Channel area.  Whilst the governance arrangements and the concept of general interest in the economy of small and medium sized ports varies between France and the UK, all parties found the exchange helpful from a technic

Innovative Port financing – Regeneration and diversification of harbour infrastructures

The port of Whitstable opened the workshop with a presentation of its harbour development plans and gave an overvview of the FLIP studies that are contributing to ports longer term plans.  Speaking about a major scheme up the coast in Chatham, Bill Ferries OBE spoke passionately about the Historic Chatham Docks scheme all all the challenges that they faced there following the closure of the Naval dockyard in the 1980s. A number of innovative schemes were presented by the John Davison that might in future contribute to sustainable renewables infrastructures for small harbours.