Innovative Port financing investigated by FLIP partners in Whitstable

On 10th December 2013 the Whitstable hosted the crossborder workshop “Innovative port financing – regeneration and diversification of historic infrastructures in small and medium sized ports”.The event was divided in 3 parts: Session 1: “Developing suitable investment strategies and attracting financing for the redevelopment of small and medium sized ports”, moderated by Caroline HICKS, Acting Deputy Head of Culture and Enterprise, Canterbury City Council.Session 2: “Innovative use of traditional port infrastructures - learning from partner experiences”, moderated by Nathalie Dumay – APLM. Session 3: “The role of Green Energy opportunities in changing the dynamics of traditional ports”, moderated by Jean Pierre LUCAS – Département de Seine Maritime.

Download presentations from workshop

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 - 17:27