Sharing knowledge around accelerated salt water corrosion of harbour infrastructure in the Channel region

Seine-Maritime County Council is conducting a series of studies in the Port of Le Tréport thanks to the FLIP project. These include the reorganisation of the fishing sector, the redevelopment of the former harbour masters building and a cutting edge study on preventing accelerated salt water corrosion from damaging harbour waterside infrastructures. Electrolysis is a critical issue for reinforce concrete infrastructures and the negative current will, if unchecked, significantly reduce the life time of the harbour walls and foundations.  The study aims to provide an overview of the state of corrosion in order make recommendations on practical solutions for harbours including impress currents and anodes to prolong the lifespan of these infrastructures.  The reports have attracted the interest of Tor Bay harbour authority that has mixed experience in the ports of Brixham and Torquay and an exchange of experience and knowledge is schedule to take place between Newhaven, Le Tréport / Fécamp and Tor Bay in Brixham in September 2014.

Friday, January 30, 2015 - 15:25