FLIP launch event, Fécamp

The FLIP project was launch in Fecamps.  Partners met formally for the fist time where representatives of the FLIPm partner partners had the opportunity to present their planned studies and events.  As part of an innovative consultation mechanism, partners were invited to provide input to each others studies and event preparations.  The first partner steering committee met and discussed issues such as reporting, procurement the preparation of terms of reference, prior experience from each of the partner ports.  A number of common issues emerged at this inauguarl meeting including a willingness to work together on master planning, mutual understanding for the function of the offshore renwables sector, techncal studies including quayside resistance surveys, smart energy audits and the adoption of measures to tackle salt water corrosion of small metal and concrete harbour facilities.  The meeting was concluded by a visit to the new Fecamps museum for the fishermen of the Grand Banks and a visit to Rouen for the tall ships event on the Seine.