FLIP partner exchange visit - Saint Brieuc and the Port of Newhaven

Christophe Marques from Conseil General du Cotes D'armor had a useful exchange visit to Newhaven Port on Tuesday 9th December 2014.  The visit wias hosted by Newhaven Harbour Master, Dave Collins-Williams, where the FLIP colleagues had the opportunity to discuss a number of the common issues facing the ports of Newhaven and Saint Brieuc Le Legue.  Newhaven has benefited from a masterplan that has that has helped plan and develop the harbour in preparation for the arrival of the operations and maintenance base of the Rampion wind farm operator in the months ahead.  The visit included a harbour tour to appreciate the different historic uses of the different infrastructures and waterfrom properties and to see at first hand how the infrastructure was being adapted to the neds and requirements of new industries.  Of particular interest to Christophe was area designated for offshore renewables where he sought to better understand some of the issues that Newhaven had faced as part of the planned construction, operation and maintenance of the winds farms planned for 2017 and beyon in the Bay of Saint Brieuc.  The visit concluded with a tour of the harbour infrastructures that had been damaged by the February 2014 storms.