Innovative Port financing – Regeneration and diversification of harbour infrastructures

The port of Whitstable opened the workshop with a presentation of its harbour development plans and gave an overvview of the FLIP studies that are contributing to ports longer term plans.  Speaking about a major scheme up the coast in Chatham, Bill Ferries OBE spoke passionately about the Historic Chatham Docks scheme all all the challenges that they faced there following the closure of the Naval dockyard in the 1980s. A number of innovative schemes were presented by the John Davison that might in future contribute to sustainable renewables infrastructures for small harbours.  Experts spoke about the various grant and loan based schemes from UK and European soucres that might be considered by heritage projects such as those in the Port of Whitstable.  The workshop provided a useful basis for French and UK partners to exchange best practices and Nathalie Dumay from the Association of French Channel Ports presented a memorandum to be signed by the FLIP ports calling for the European Commission to better recognise the plight of small and medium sized harbours in the context of the EU Maritime Strategy. The workshop was closed with a visit to the Kentish flats windfarm control centre hosted by Vattenfall.