Whitstable's aspirations

Whitstable Harbour and Canterbury City Council are looking to FLIP and the experienced partners from France and UK to help find new and innovative uses for historic harbour side infrastructures.  In developing its plans, Canterbury City Council is looking to FLIP partners to assist in providing examples of regeneration and diversification, consultation and building a revitalised harbour that is able to support the different economic activities that can grow and flourish in the harbour area in the future. During the recent visit of FLIP partners in December a visit to the Vattenfall control centre was organised to show off one of the most established windfarms in the area. Newhaven, Fécamp and Whitstable are all playing a vital role as small and medium sized ports in supporting the shoreside support for these installations. FLIP is benefiting from prior knowledge developed through previous PATCH and SuPorts projects which have focused on how ports can capitalise on maritime and hinterland opportunities to create local sustainable local employment over the longer term. The Whitstable event was a great success attended by over 60 delegates where the future of investment in maritime coastal infrastructure was a key theme.  This discussion has only grown in recent weeks as coastal infrastructures in France and the UK have taken a severe battering from the recent storms.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 - 17:25