Knowledge from FLIP ports informs master planning process in Tor Bay

The FLIP project has recently co-financed an overarching strategy for the Tor Bay Harbour Authority that will identify key steps towards providing a high quality service that is committed to improving Tor Bay’s three harbours and provide for a cleaner and safer environment.  The report is helping Tor Bay to develop robust partnerships with key maritime stakeholders to attract and deliver commercial port businesses contributing to job creation and the local economy. The recommendations point towards the management of the harbour in an increasingly sustainable manner by supporting a variety of maritime activities including fishing, shipping, marine related businesses, heritage, eco-tourism and marine recreational facilities. It will also help the authority to balance the responsible stewardship of the marine environment with appropriate socio-economic development. It recommends better research on the monitoring of needs and wishes of harbour users, the local community and visitors. It calls for improved inter-connectivity between the enclosed harbours by upgrading facilities for marine transport. Tor Bay will look to build on the report with a shared analysis and reflection with FLIP partners through 2014 events in Brixham, Newhaven and St Brieuc in particular.  READ MORE

Friday, January 30, 2015 - 15:42