What is happening in Autumn 2014 / Spring 2015?

FLIP MARITIME ENGLISH TRAINING - From the 23rd to 25th September 2014, Brixham will play host to a high level and innovative events of the FLIP project. The event will take place in a new dedicated bi-lingual training facility that has been created to support the building of capacity for maritime communication in the Channel area. The FLIP project support has been essential in supporting this new facility which comes at a key time for the port of Brixham which will see the demise of Brixham Coastaguard as a centre of excellence in the town. The training will be interactive and based on a number of activities and scenarios that port managers can face in their everyday activities including emergency planning, navigation and pilotage issues. The event focuses on maritime English communication in the context of liaison with the offshore energy industry and supply chain, practical VHF radio handling in emergencies, first aid and resuscitation and basic English vocabulary in the port environment.  Aimed at port personnel from FLIP and APLM ports in France, the training is being led by Western Training, a Plymouth based specialist maritime and fisheries training association that has previously delivered training to the fisheries industry, the Omani Navy. UK FLIP partners have been invited to assist in the presentation of scenarios. Registration for FLIP and APLM partners is open until the end July 2014 on a first come first served basis. Contact Hazel Bennett at Western Training for further info via e-mail Western Training Association.

APLM ANNOUNCES COMMUNICATIONS TRAINING AND FUTURE EU FUNDING 2014-2020 EVENTS - On the 14th and 15th October and 18th to 20th November the Association of French local Coastal Ports (APLM) will host two communication training events for port managers of Channel ports. This interactive training will be based on practical experiences from the different stakeholders.

Focus will be given to communication scenarios including
• public meetings,
• relations with the press,
• business networking, and
• internal management.  
Public speaking, conflict resolution, reading visual signals and inter personal skills will all form part of the training and enable the port managers to improve communications skills and manage effectively conflict situations.


• 23-25/09/2014 : “Maritime English training”, Brixham
• 14-15/10/2014, “Communication training”, Caen
• 18-20/11/2014, “Communication training”, Caen
• 09-10/12/2014 : “Port masterplanning”, Newhaven & Brighton
• 04-05/02/2015 : “Masterplanning event”, San Brieuc
• 10-12/03/2015: “B2B”, Boulogne-sur-Mer
• 08-09/04/2015, “FLIP final conference”, Fécamp/Rouen

• 15-17/10/2014, “GreenPort Congress”, Barcelona
• 04/11/2014, “ESPO Award on Societal Integration of Ports”, Bruxelles
• 06/11/2014, “Small & medium sized ports as hubs for smart growth and sustainable connectivity - PAC2 cluster event”, Bruges
• 21-22/05/2015, “ESPO annual conference”, Piraeus

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