Project Objectives

Project objectives

The FLIP project seeks to promote a sustainable cooperation between small & medium sized ports in the Channel area by seeking to:-

  • increase and reinforce cooperation between the ports, the wider economy and the link with the town. It is necessary to anticipate the changes affecting small and medium sized ports in the Channel area to help maintain wider economic activities that are critical to maintaining port activities. Maintaining fluid logistics links between ports and their towns are also essential for the maintenance of competitive and increasingly varied port activities in future.
  • increase cross border sharing of best practices between small and medium sized ports to promote innovative, sustainable and diversified port activities. Environmental challenges, financial capacity, energy management and human resources vary from large ports to those small & medium sized ports concerned by this project. Solutions developed between larger ports through International, European and regional associations do not necessarily lend themselves to the challenges being faced by the smaller ports. It is here that cooperation between smaller ports in the Channel area through the FLIP project adds most value, by bringing together ports in France and UK in a way that will allow these smaller ports to take stock on the specific challenges they face.
  • improving governance between the ports and their local communities and making the most optimal use of available resources. Maintaining port activities requires the active engagement of the local population who live in and around the port where a wide range of groups from residents associations to business federations can be a particular challenge for the small & medium-sized ports. Ports and their stakeholders need to make better use of available natural resources, become more energy efficient and capitalise on alternative energies if they are to maintain future economic activities that are resource efficient and respect the environment.

The FLIP project objectives are broken down into a series of actions under a workplan that has 4 thematic phases.

The FLIP project workplan main thematic phases