Torbay Cruise study - Maximising Economic Benefits for Small & Medium Sized Ports in the Channel area

The study assesses the constraints and opportunities for Channel ports like Tor Bay to increase its share of the Northern European cruise tourism market by building increased knowledge of the trends and changes in an industry that is important to destinations like Tor Bay in the Channel region.  Ports need to communicate effectively with the cruise industry, undertake appropriate marketing and identify a destinations strengths as a port of call.  The study has been drawn up in close concertation with partners in the FLIP project and the recent FLIP Cross Border workshop - Economic Diversification of Local and Regional ports held in Saint Brieuc provided valuable input from partners and representatives from the industry to inform this report.  During the report's preparation, the FLIP partners were also present in the European Commission's Pan European Cruise Dialogue conference that took place on the 5th and 6th March 2015 and provided a wider perspective on the cruise sector in the next few years.

The report makes a realistic assessment of a new cruise growth market for Channel 'ports of call' like Torquay and seeks to underline the potential outcome to generate significant additional visitor expenditure to support and grow the local economy.  

A copy of the report is available for download.