Phase 1 - ‘Towards common approaches in master planning, local governance and the strategic capacity of small and medium sized ports’


Action 1: Studies aiming to facilitate effective access to small and medium sized ports

Action 2: Shared expertise in master planning

Action 3: Cross border capacity building  and e-learning for port  managers


23/09/2014 to 25/09/2014

Tor Bay Harbour Authority et de la Formation de l'Ouest ont organisé un programme novateur pour les gestionnaires de port sur anglais maritime du 23 au 25 Septembre 2014. La Le cours a cherché à utiliser une variété d'expériences de la vie réelle de montrer comment un port traite des différentes parties prenantes dans les différents domaines de l'activité maritime dans le Royaume-Uni et tout le temps souligné l'Anglais maritime nécessaire pour les différents scénarios.

11/03/2014 to 13/03/2014

Une visite bilatérale fructueuse avec des partenaires FLIP de Tor Bay Harbor à Saint Brieuc et le comté Cotes D'Armor Bretagne a eu lieu entre le 11et 13 Mars 2014.  La visite a été extrêmement utile à partir d'un certain nombre de perspectives. Il est encourageant de voir que beaucoup des difficultés rencontrées par les petites et moyennes entreprises ports sont communes aux deux côtés de la Manche.

11/03/2014 to 13/03/2014

A successful bilateral visit with FLIP partners from Tor Bay harbour to Saint Brieuc and the Cotes D'Armor county of Brittany took place between 11th an 13th March 2014. The visit was extremely useful from a number of perspectives.  It was encouraging to see that many of the challenges faced by small and medium sized harbours are common to both sides of the Channel area.  Whilst the governance arrangements and the concept of general interest in the economy of small and medium sized ports varies between France and the UK, all parties found the exchange helpful from a technic

23/09/2014 to 25/09/2014

Tor Bay Harbour Authority and Western Training hosted an innovative programme for port managers on maritime english from 23rd to 25th September 2014.  the The course sought to use a variety of real life experiences  to show how a harbour deals with different stakeholders in the different areas of maritime activity in the UK and all the time underlined the maritime English required for the different scenarios.

As part of its activity " Modeling and Simulation of Industrial Processes " performs the Isel three operational flow studies for the ports of Newhaven , Treport and Boulogne- sur-Mer. The objective is to design for each port , an aid to the decision, which will allow them to cope with changes in traffic and changes in facilities and infrastructure.

The INTERREG IVA project – Fostering Long Term Initiatives in Ports – was approved in March 2013.  The two and half year project is one of the final projects to be cofinanced under the INTERREG IVA channel programme 2007-13 and has a limited time period within which to make effective use of the available investments.  This scoping study seeks to help both partners and stakeholders interested in the benefits of collaboration between small and medium sized ports aware of the priorities and working methodologies for sharing experiences that that add value in terms of their innovation, contribu