Technical study to support the sharing knowledge around the stability of historic harbour quays and combating corrosion in small and medium sized ports in the Channel area

Small and medium sized ports in the Channel region are characterised on the whole by historic marine infrastructures that require regular maintenance.  In recent years increased storm damage has added significant cost to this ongoing maintenance commitment. For Tor Bay Harbour the FLIP project has facilitated essential discussions between the partners, including Boulogne sur Mer, Saint Brieuc Le Legué as well as the lead partner’s ports of Fecamps and Le Treport over the most effective ways of maintaining these historic infrastructures.  Sharing knowledge and best practice with FLIP partners has been one way of making cost efficiencies through better research and sharing of experiences with different methods and solutions. This study builds on those previous discussions in Fecamps, Brighton and Saint Brieuc is intended to establish the reinstatement value of all quays, piers and jetties under Tor Bay harbour ownership, in order to address future maritime infrastructure investment required for remedial works. This study forms one of three inter-related studies commissioned by Torbay Harbour Authority in the context of the FLIP project to examine the need to protect the infrastructure of the harbours and assessing their value. The results from the studies provide an opportunity to share knowledge with other FLIP port partners, to learn of common problems and identify technical solutions. Other ports and harbours in the Channel region are invited to take account of our results in planning works and renovations in the months ahead.